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Pay Your Bills Online

At Northwestern Bank we understand that time is money. With our FREE CheckFree you not only save the cost of postage and checks, but you save YOUR time by letting us process your bills. You also get an online archive of all your past payments, which makes record keeping much easier.

To use CheckFree, you simply set up each Payee once, then login anytime and tell us how much your bill is, and when you want it paid. On that date, we debit your account and mail the payment for you. If the bill is recurring, you have the option to set it to pay automatically on the same amount on the same date each time. Or, you may login and enter the amount and the date at your leisure. Either way, a few clicks, and your work is done!

You can take advantage of bill payment to:

  • Control your own account & pay all your bills from one easy-to-use site
  • Choose who, how much, and when to pay
  • Start or stop automatic payments for recurring bills, like rent and mortgage
  • View transaction histories & pending payments 24/7
  • Save money on stamps, envelopes and checks

It's Secure

Be assured that all transactions are private, as your account information is only accessed with your user code and password.

To access CheckFree you will need to login in to your Online Banking account. Once you are logged in to your account, click the "Account" link, then click the "Payments" link to access the online payment center.

If you have questions or problems accessing CheckFree, please call bookkeeping at 715-723-2265 during normal banking hours.

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