NB Podcast Banker With A Beer Episodes

Episode 158

    • What is a food bank?
    • Status of food security in western Wisconsin
    • Newly expanded facility
    • Volunteer status/opportunities

    Guest: Suzanne Becker, Executive Director Feed My People Food Bank
    Beer Enjoyed: 
    Abita Amber Lager, Abita Brewing, Abita Springs, LA

    Episode 157

      • State of UWEC
      • Value of a college education
      • Impact of the new science building
      • Sonnentag Center
      • Simpson Field

      Guest: Chancellor Jim Schmidt, UW Eau Claire
      Beer Enjoyed: 
      Gunpowder IPA The Brewing Projekt

      Episode 156

        • History of WWIB / WOG
        • Operating a commercial Christian radio station
        • Leaning into local
        • Sports broadcasting
        • Staying relevant

        Guest: Greg and Sue Steward, Stewards of Sound WWIB / WOGO Radio
        Beer Enjoyed: 
        Fever Tree Ginger Beer

        Episode 155

          • The legacy of Olson's Ice Cream
          • Working as a family team
          • The Eau Claire location
          • Culver's restaurants in Florida
          • Advice to would be entrepreneurs

          Guest: Dan and Jeremy Hunt, Olson's Ice Cream
          Beer Enjoyed: 
          Boddington's Pub ale, Manchester UK

          Episode 154

            • Transition from banking
            • Relevancy of United Way
            • Getting to root causes
            • Identifying social needs and priorities
            • Encouraging contributors and volunteers

            Guest: Ryan Ludy, Executive Director United Way of the Greater Chippewa Valley
            Beer Enjoyed: 
            Blood Orange Blonde, Brickfield Brewing Grantsburg, WI

            Episode 153

              • Evolution of Coffee Grounds
              • Operating multiple businesses under one roof
              • K-Point Brewery
              • Keeping Coffee Grounds unique
              • Future business plans

              Guest: Eric Nelson, Owner of The Coffee Grounds
              Beer Enjoyed: 
              K Point Brewing Red Lager

              Episode 152

                • The history of Loopy's
                • Developing the Loopy Dome
                • Creating a venue out of the Chippewa River
                • Giving back to the community
                • Staying Relevant

                Guest: Loopy (Bill Kleich), owner of Loopy's Grill and Saloon
                Beer Enjoyed: 
                Leinie's Summer Shandy

                Episode 151

                  • Following Mike Jordan
                  • Retuning to Chamber work as the President
                  • New Chamber Initiatives
                  • Carving a unique space for Chippewa Falls in the Chippewa Valley

                  Guest: Eric Rygg, President Silver Springs Foods
                  Beer Enjoyed: 
                  Tangerine Space Machine Hazy IPA, New Holland Brewing Co.

                  Episode 150

                    • History of Huntsinger Farms
                    • Making horseradish, mustard, and sauces fun
                    • Keeping horseradish relevant for younger generations
                    • Hosting Farm Technology Days
                    • Future Plans

                    Guest: Eric Rygg, President Silver Springs Foods
                    Beer Enjoyed: 
                    Tangerine Space Machine Hazy IPA, New Holland Brewing Co.

                    Episode 149

                      • Role of the EC City Council President
                      • Proudest Accomplishment as city Council President
                      • Advice for governing in divisive times
                      • Best ways to get involved in city government
                      • Favorite Things / Places in Eau Claire

                      Guest: Kerry Kincaid, Leadership Scholar. Former EC City Council President
                      Beer Enjoyed: 
                      Trippel Belgian Style Ale, New Belgium Brewery

                      Episode 148

                        • Chippewa Valley commercial construction market
                        • Finding and maintaining workers
                        • Flooring supply chain
                        • Trends in commercial flooring
                        • Advice for new business owners

                        Guest: Jeff Stone, Co-Owner Swanson’s Flooring
                        Beer Enjoyed: 
                        DHacker Pschorr Weissbier, Munich Germany

                        Episode 147

                          • Impact of the pandemic on the growth of kubb
                          • U.S. Champion National Kubb Championship preparations
                          • Tips for spectators
                          • Where does kubb go from here?

                          Guest: Eric Anderson, Director US National Kubb Championship
                          Beer Enjoyed: 
                          Dare Mighty Things Hazy IPA, the Brewing Projekt

                          Episode 146

                            • Value in Working with a Marketing Firm
                            • Offices in San Francisco, New York, and Eau Claire. Why Eau Claire?
                            • Rediscovering the Chippewa Valley
                            • Growth Opportunities for the Community

                            Guest: Lee Caraher, President and CEO of Double Forte
                            Beer Enjoyed: 
                            Ending Machine Sour Ale, The Brewing Projekt

                            Episode 145

                              • Brewing Inspiration
                              • Differentiating Modicum from other Micro Breweries
                              • Path to Becoming an Entrepreneur
                              • Creating a Tasting Experience
                              • The Future of Craft Brewing

                              Guest:Eric Rykal, Owner/Brew Master Modicum Brewery
                              Beer Enjoyed:
                              Modicum Original

                              Episode 144

                              • Safety of local financial institutions
                              • Competing in a tight labor market
                              • Matching employee life / work balance with customer’s service expectations
                              • Reaching out to Gen Z

                              Guest: Traci Holister, Partner and Financial Team Leader, Wipfli LLP
                              Beer Enjoyed:
                              La Chouffe, Belgium Blond Ale

                              Episode 143

                              • History of Sand Mining in Wisconsin
                              • Protections put in place the help close the mines
                              • The ‘Gold Rush’ Days
                              • Current Sand Mining Status
                              • Legacy of Improved rail infrastructure
                              Guest: John Behling, President Weld Riley, S.C.
                              Beer Enjoyed: Tank 7 American Saison, Boulevard Brewing

                              Episode 142

                              • Homelessness statistics in Chippewa County
                              • The growth of housing insecurity
                              • Inspiration of Hope Village
                              • Tiny houses vs apartments
                              • First year results
                              • Future plans

                              Guest: Mike Cohoon, Executive Director Hope Village & Jessica Oleson Bue, Chippewa County Housing Authority
                              Beer Enjoyed: Reissdorf Kolsch Ale, Cologne German

                              Episode 141

                              • Cigan properties is more than Banbury Place
                              • History of Banbury Place Acquisition / Conversion
                              • Types of Businesses that operate out of the property
                              • On going building updates and tenant transitions

                              Guest: Jack and Max Kaiser, owners of Cigan Properties
                              Beer Enjoyed: Dupont Saison, Belgium

                              Episode 140

                              • What is podcasting?
                              • What makes a good podcast
                              • The importance of multiple revenue streams
                              • The importance of local media

                              Guest: Scott Montesano, Owner of Eau Claire Hometown Media and the Voice of the UWEC Blugolds
                              Beer Enjoyed: Le Chouffe, Belgian Blond

                              Episode 139

                              • How the Pablo Group encourages and supports start-up businesses
                              • Gauging the level of entrepreneurial activity in the Chippewa Valley
                              • The Chippewa Valley’s strengths as a business start-up community
                              • The impact of COVID on business start-up activity
                              • The impact of government support and tax policies

                              Guest: Elaine Coughlin, Director of Investments and Entrepreneurship at the Pablo Group
                              Beer Enjoyed: Sprecher orange and cream soda(s), Leinie’s Honey Weiss

                              Episode 138

                              • The evolution of office equipment
                              • Office of the future
                              • Digital storage vs Paper storage
                              • Coolest gadget in your office
                              • Pulse on the local economy

                              Guest: Dave Johnson, VP of Product Print and Strategic Accounts, EO Johnson Business Technologies
                              Beer Enjoyed: Smithwick’s Red Ale

                              Episode 137

                              • Current status of the Chippewa Valley housing market
                              • Need for a real estate agent despite tight home supply
                              • Selling your home yourself
                              • Impact of higher interest rates on demand / affordability
                              • Most desirable listings
                              • Home improvements that deliver the highest resale value
                              • Growth in the construction of apartments / twin homes

                              Guest: Scott Wolfe, Century 21 Metro Realty
                              Beer Enjoyed: Bell’s Robust Porter

                              Episode 136

                              • Crime in the Chippewa Valley
                              • Public’s attitude towards police
                              • Recruiting new officers
                              • Ways that citizens can protect themselves and assist law enforcement
                              • The value of home electronic surveillance equipment

                              Guest: Chief Matthew Kelm, Chippewa Falls Police Department
                              Beer Enjoyed: Conway’s Irish Ale, Great Lakes Brewing Co

                              Episode 135

                              • Inspiration to start Village.com website
                              • Identifying activity providers
                              • Scaling up website for other communities
                              • Screening of activity providers
                              • Offering grants / scholarships for participants

                              Guest: Noah Plewa, Owner and CEO of Village.com
                              Beer Enjoyed: Tank 7 American Saison, Boulevard Brewing Company

                              Episode 134

                              • Pablo Attendance post-COVID
                              • Acts which draw well
                              • Pricing acts for the Eau Claire market
                              • Securing acts
                              • Staffing issues

                              Guest: Jason Jon Anderson, Executive Director Pablo Center for the Arts
                              Beer Enjoyed: Rodenbach Grand Cru, Beligium

                              Episode 133

                              • Keys to achieving financial security
                              • Good habits to start in 2023
                              • Ways to keep couples on the same financial page
                              • Advice for weathering a recession
                              • Joining a Dave Ramsey financial program

                              Guest: Chris and Annalie Thies, Instructors for Dave Ramsey Financial Planning
                              Beer Enjoyed: Leinies Northwoods Lager and New Glarus Moon Man

                              Episode 132

                              • Significant personal or business tax changes for 2023
                              • Preparation you (as the filer) can do that your accountant would greatly appreciate
                              • When do you need a CPA vs a bookkeeper / tax preparer?
                              • Encouraging young people to enter the accounting profession
                              • Advice for improving your tax filing experience.
                              • Moving to another state for tax considerations
                              • Most misunderstood or underutilized deductions.

                              Guest: Craig Olsen, Principal Accountant, Clifton Larson Allen
                              Beer Enjoyed: Carolus Imperial Dark

                              Episode 131

                              • Top Events coming to the Chippewa Valley in 2023
                              • Has Eau Claire retained its status as a tourist draw post COVID?
                              • Planning for the opening of the Sonnentag Center
                              • Expanding Eau Claire’s role as a Midwest music destination
                              • Attractions that locals take for granted that tourists flock to

                              Guest: Benny Anderson, Executive Director Visit Eau Claire
                              Beer Enjoyed: Baltic Porter, Lazy Monk Brewing

                              Episode 130

                              • Stability of Northwestern Bank
                              • Chippewa Valley Economic forecast for 2023
                              • Upcoming Changes for Northwestern Bank
                              • Fed Interest Rate Increase(s)
                              • Crypto Currencies

                              Guest: Jerry Jacobson, President and CEO of NB
                              Beer Enjoyed: Leinenkugel’s Honey Weiss

                              Episode 129

                              • Moving from California
                              • Irvine Park Christmas Lights / Village
                              • Status of the Chippewa Falls public pool
                              • Erickson Park
                              • Public Park Support from the Community

                              Guest: John Jimenez, City of Chippewa Falls Director of Parks, Recreation, and Forestry
                              Beer Enjoyed: Modelo Especial

                              Episode 128

                              • New museum opening and important dates
                              • What spaces will be new and what ‘classic’ exhibits will be retained in the new museum?
                              • What will happen to the Play Spaces?
                              • Status of the day care and 4K classroom
                              Guest: Michael McHorney, Executive Director Children’s Museum of Eau Claire
                              Beer Enjoyed: Goose Island Bourbon Country Aged Stout

                              Episode 127

                              • The impact of the low unemployment rate of CVTC’s enrollment
                              • Most popular areas of study
                              • The impact of the new west campus facilities
                              • Long term need for degrees and certifications

                              Guest: Dr. Sunem Beaton-Garcia, President Chippewa Valley Technical College
                              Beer Enjoyed: Delirium Noel

                              Episode 126

                              • Role of a municipal attorney
                              • Legal role in revitalizing downtown Eau Claire
                              • Eau Claire projects beyond downtown
                              • Jeffers Road Park Development

                              Guest: Steve Nick, Eau Claire City Attorney
                              Beer Enjoyed: Paulaner Salvator Double Bock

                              Episode 125

                              • How did the red wave turn into a red ripple?
                              • What did the Wisconsin election results tell us about state politics?
                              • Donald Trump announces his campaign
                              • Wisconsin as a purple state

                              Guest: John Frank, Political Analyst
                              Beer Enjoyed: Orval Trappist Ale

                              Episode 124

                              • Coming projects to Chippewa Falls
                              • Housing options in the city
                              • Purchase of State owned land
                              • Potential areas of redevelopment
                              • Status of the Chippewa Falls sand plant

                              Guest: Brad Hentschel, City of Chippewa Falls Planner
                              Beer Enjoyed: Vanilla Porter, Breckenridge Brewery

                              Episode 123

                              • Current status of the Chippewa Valley Free Clinic
                              • Finding specialized care for those unable to afford it
                              • Rewarding aspects of volunteering
                              • Raise Spirits, Give Hope in a box fundraiser

                              Guest: Dr. Brent Wogahn, Chippewa Valley Free Clinic Volunteer
                              Beer Enjoyed: Fire Tire, New Belgium Brewery

                              Episode 122

                              • Growing up as an entrepreneur family
                              • Lessons learned in running a small business
                              • Selling a business
                              • Role as a NB Board of Director member
                              • What NB clients should know about our Board

                              Guest: Heidi Boxx, Entrepreneur and NB Board Member
                              Beer Enjoyed: Paulaner Oktoberfest

                              Episode 121

                              • The evolution of Chippewa Falls in the past 25 years
                              • The relationship between Chippewa Falls and Eau Claire
                              • The Chamber as a driver of tourism
                              • Most rewarding project
                              • Vision of the Chippewa Valley in the next 10 years

                              Guest: Mike Jordan, President of the Chippewa Falls Area Chamber of Commerce
                              Beer Enjoyed: Golden Draak, Amber Quadruple Ale

                              Episode 120

                              • The Childcare Shortage Crisis
                              • Challenges Operating a Daycare
                              • Transitioning a Child into the Daycare Environment
                              • Advice to Parents Looking for Daycare Options

                              Guest: Garret Bresina, Owner Kids USA Learning Center
                              Beer Enjoyed: Leinie’s Oktoberfest

                              Episode 119

                              • What is the purpose of service clubs
                              • Unique role service clubs play in our community
                              • How does Rotary differ from other service clubs
                              • How is Rotary changing to meet the needs of younger members

                              Guest: Karen Hebert, Past District Governor Rotary International
                              Beer Enjoyed: Nitro Milk Stout, Left Hand Brewing Company

                              Episode 118

                              • Latest Trends in Brewing
                              • Creating an Experience at Leinie’s Lodge
                              • Types of folks who visit the Lodge
                              • The story behind Captain Jack Helles Bock

                              Guest: Lindsey Everson, Leinie Lodge Manager
                              Beer Enjoyed: Leinenkugel Juicy Peach and Captain Jack Helles Bock

                              Episode 117

                              • What is Fierce Freedom?
                              • Human trafficking vs sexual assault
                              • Trafficking in the Chippewa Valley
                              • What one can do to help

                              Guest: Jenny Almquist, Executive Director of Fierce Freedom
                              Beer Enjoyed: Paulaner Oktoberfest

                              Episode 116

                              • Inspiration for Reboot Social
                              • Sourcing materials for an arcade bar in a pandemic
                              • Blazing One’s own trail in a family run business
                              • Advice to folks looking to buy a car today

                              Guest: Charlee Markquart, co-owner Reboot Social
                              Beer Enjoyed: Moon Man, New Glarus Brewing Company

                              Episode 115

                              • How students and staff have bounced back from COVID
                              • Will 2022-23 be a ‘normal’ school year?
                              • Managing a growing student population
                              • Transitioning to the Middle Border Conference

                              Guest: Dr. Heidi Eliopoulos, Superintendent Altoona Public Schools
                              Beer Enjoyed: Mango Farm Hazy IPA, Coronado Brewing Company CA

                              Episode 114

                              • The role of Congressional staffers
                              • How the work of Congressional staffs differs from Congressional committees
                              • Effective ways to connect with your member of Congress
                              • Living in DC vs living in the Chippewa Valley
                              • How your member can assist you and your family when you visit DC

                              Guest: Jeanne Kuehl, U.S. Congressional Staffer
                              Beer Enjoyed: Spencer Monk’s Reserve Ale

                              Episode 113

                              • What qualifies as a veterinarian emergency?
                              • Relationship with traditional vet clinics
                              • Caring for a pet owner as well as their pet
                              • Procedures developed for humans now available to animals

                              Guest: Dr. Kara Nelson, Founder of Allied Emergency Vet Services

                              Episode 112

                              • How EAU came to be an Essential Service Airport and what that means
                              • The Sun Country’s proposed service schedule to EAU
                              • The challenges of servicing larger aircraft
                              • How buses may play a role in offering ticketing and screening passenger in route to MSP.

                              Guest: Charity Zich, Director Chippewa Valley Regional Airport
                              Beverage Enjoyed: Blu, by Grainbelt

                              Episode 111

                              • Is the Chippewa Valley attractive to young adults as a place to live?
                              • How the Chippewa Valley compares with larger communities for livability
                              • What the area lacks for young adults
                              • Favorite places to meet people

                              Guest: Sidney Gullickson and Mike Farrow
                              Beverage Enjoyed: Saison DuPont, Tourpes Belgium (Mike and Jerry), bottled water (Sidney)

                              Episode 110

                              • The history of John’s Auto Parts
                              • How the auto part business has changed in the past 50 years
                              • Services folks can perform on their own cars
                              • Electric vehicles

                              Guest: John Pederson, Owner of John’s Auto Parts
                              Beer Enjoyed: Leinie’s Honey Weiss

                              Episode 109

                              • Things that make the JAM experience unique
                              • What goes into putting on a music festival
                              • Signing talent for JAM
                              • Purchase of property for JAM relocation / expansion

                              Guest: Kathy wright, General Manager Country JAM USA
                              Beer Enjoyed: Sam Adams Summer Ale

                              Episode 108

                              • Updates on Downtown Projects
                              • Annexations to the City of Eau Claire
                              • Biggest Challenges facing Eau Claire in the next 5 years
                              • Impact of reduced air service to area growth
                              Guest: Aaron White, Economic Development Manager, City of Eau Claire

                              Episode 107

                              • Completion of River Prairie
                              • Working with Mayor Brendan Pratt
                              • City water restrictions
                              • Redeveloping ‘downtown’ Altoona
                              • Containers Up Project

                              Guest: Mike Golat, Altoona city Administrator
                              Beer Enjoyed: Palm Ale, Belgium

                              Episode 106

                              • Inflation, its cause and impact
                              • Stock Market and Bond Market Retreat
                              • Teaching Economic History to Students
                              • Interest in Economics as a Field of Study

                              Guest: Dr. Wayne Carroll, Professor of Economics UWEC
                              Beer Enjoyed: Three Philosophers, Ommegang Brewery Cooperstown, NY

                              Episode 105

                              • The goal with Pablo Group’s development projects
                              • Features tenants of downtown housing projects are looking for
                              • Is downtown Eau Claire reaching a housing saturation point?
                              • Managing the challenges of a tight labor market, sluggish supply chain, and rapidly raising costs

                              Guest: Jenny Fesenmaier, Director of Research and Development Pablo Group
                              Beer Enjoyed: Kwak, Belgian Ale

                              Episode 104

                              • A child’s interest in weather
                              • Moving around the country
                              • Preparing for extreme weather
                              • Climate change

                              Guest: Mike Dandrea, WEAU Meteorologist
                              Beer Enjoyed: Moonridge Brown Ale, Moon ridge Brewing Cornell, WI

                              Episode 103

                              • Why buy a baseball team?
                              • What changes (if any) should fans expect from your ownership of the Express?
                              • Carson Park improvements
                              • Balancing team ownership with operating a car dealership

                              Guest: Craig Toycen, Owner of the Eau Claire Express
                              Beer Enjoyed: The Farmer’s Daughter, Lucette Brewing Company

                              Episode 102

                              • Challenges of being an entrepreneur at a young age
                              • The role of family in a small business
                              • Impact of the army in forming Tommy
                              • Advice to others considering opening a small business

                              Guest: Thomas Rocque, Founder and CEO Rocque Ridge Guides and Outfitters, Lake Holcombe, WI
                              Beer Enjoyed: Badger Porter, Sand Creek Brewery Black River Falls, WI

                              Episode 101

                              • The differences between banks and credit unions
                              • Consolidation in the financial services industry
                              • Growing a career from an entry level employee to CEO
                              • Maintaining strong ties to the Chippewa Valley as RCU expands

                              Guest: Brandon Riechers, President and CEO of Royal Credit Union
                              Beer Enjoyed: Leinenkugel’s Northwoods Amber

                              Episode 100

                              • How top musicians are drawn to UWEC (Quentin’s personal story)
                              • Why UWEC is so success in teaching musicians to work past graduation
                              • The role of Robert Baca in the UWEC Jazz program
                              • The start and evolution of the Eau Claire Jazz Festival

                              Guest: Quentin Volk, Executive Director Eau Claire Jazz, Inc.
                              Beer Enjoyed: Anti-Resin Hazy IPA, Six Point Brewery, Brooklyn NY.

                              Episode 99

                              • Review of time as Alice in Dairyland
                              • Challenges of being Alice during COVID
                              • Future of the role of “Alice in Dairyland”
                              • Future plans of Julia

                              Guest: Julia Nunes, Alice in Dairyland
                              Beer Enjoyed: Non-Alcoholic Ginger Beer

                              Episode 98

                              • The role of the Foundation and Blugold Real Estate
                              • Expanding the footprint of UWEC beyond its traditional campus
                              • Major project reviews: Priory, Haymarket, Pablo, Sonnentag Complex, Simpson Field

                              Guest: Kimera Way, President UW Eau Claire Foundation
                              Beer Enjoyed: Spotted Cow, New Glarus Brewery

                              Episode 97

                              • What does a chamber of commerce do?
                              • What unique role does Chippewa Falls play in the Chippewa Valley?
                              • How has the city of Chippewa Falls changed in the past 25 years?
                              • Thoughts on the future of the community.

                              Guest: Mike Jordan, Chippewa Falls Area Chamber of Commerce President
                              Beer Enjoyed: Smithwick’s, Irish Red Ale

                              Episode 96

                              • Brewing your own beer
                              • How inflation is impacting the asphalt industry
                              • Need for self-sufficiently and product diversification
                              • The role of the Bank’s Board of Directors
                              • The role of the Chairman of the Board

                              Guest: Darrin Senn, Owner and CEO of Senn Blacktop and Northwestern Bank Board Chair
                              Beer Enjoyed: Snow Bank Hefeweizen – Jerry Kuehl’s home brew and Goose Island Bourbon Country Brand Classic Cola Stout

                              Episode 95

                              • Preparing your own taxes vs hiring a bookkeeper, an independent CPA, or a large firm
                              • Tax issues resulting from COVID
                              • Hiring folks to work in the Chippewa Valley
                              • Surviving the brutal tax season
                              • Changes to the CPA profession over time

                              Guest: Traci Hollister, CPA Partner Wipfli LLP
                              Beer Enjoyed: Lindeman Lambic

                              Episode 94

                              • Challenges of building a new home today
                              • Most popular housing choices
                              • Finding land for development
                              • Building materials and quality vs 30 years ago
                              • Advice for those looking to build

                              Guest: Adam Ashley, Owner Ashley Constructi
                              Guest Host: Greg Misfeldt
                              Beer Enjoyed: Bundaberg Ginger Beer

                              Episode 93

                              • Changing business of college athletics
                              • NCAA and its role with UWEC athletics
                              • New facilities
                              • Success of Blugold woman’s athletics

                              Guest: Dan Schumacher, Director of Athletics UWEC
                              Beer Enjoyed: Leinenkugel’s Sunshine Light Beer

                              Episode 92

                              • The Impact of COVID on the travel industry
                              • How a travel agent can help you navigate travel issues including COVID
                              • Current popular domestic and International travel destinations
                              • Travel outlook post-COVID

                              Guest: Denise Petricka, President of Higgins Travel Leaders
                              Beer Enjoyed: Sol Beer of Mexico

                              Episode 91

                              • Adding the Ken Vance dealerships to the Chippewa Valley Mazda’s umbrella
                              • The supply chain issues impact on the auto industry
                              • Transition to electric vehicles
                              • How COVID has changed the car buying experience

                              Guest: Jamie Leibrandt (guest host), SVP & Senior Lender NB & Bill Bertrand, President Chippewa Valley Mazda
                              Beer Enjoyed: Wolfe’s Neck IPA, Maine Beer Co.

                              Episode 90

                              • State of Northwestern Bank
                              • Why has NB remained independent?
                              • Biggest challenges facing community banks
                              • Minneapolis Federal Reserve Bank
                              • 2022 Chippewa Valley Economic Forecast

                              Guest: Jerry Jacobson, President & CEO of Northwestern Bank
                              Beer Enjoyed: Leinenkugel's Honey Weiss & Toasted Bock