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Featuring Jerry Kuehl, Scott Montesano, and their guests who share insights on financial matters through the lens of a frosted mug.  

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Episode Thirty Four

  • The Effect of Covid-19 on Trash Management Services
  • How the Chippewa Valley is Unique in Supporting Business
  • Unique Trash Experiences

Guest: Josh Boxx, Boxx Sanitation
Beer Enjoyed: New Belgian Triple, Belgium Brewery

Episode Thirty Three

  • Father Kizewski’s Vocation Story
  • Monastic History of Brewing Beer
  • Favorite Trappist Beers

Guest: Father Justin Kizewski
Beer Enjoyed: St. Bernardus Abt 12

Episode Thirty Two

  • Growth in Chippewa Falls
  • Working with Surrounding Communities
  • Leadership by Mayer vs City Manger

Guest: Mayor Greg Hoffman, City of Chippewa Falls
Beer Enjoyed: Alaskan Amber Ale

Episode Thirty One

  • Changing focus of Volume One
  • Paid vs Unpaid Content
  • Future of Eau Claire Media

Guest: Tom Giffey, Managing Editor of Volume One
Beer Enjoyed: Samuel Smith Oatmeal Stout

Episode Thirty

  • Reopening Public School this Fall
  • Sports in COVID times
  • Safety of Staff and Students
  • Dealing with Change

Guest: Dr. Heidi Eliopoulos, Superintendent – Altoona Public Schools
Beer Enjoyed: Weinhenstephaner, Non Alcoholic Malt Beverage

Episode Twenty Nine

  • Impact of COVID on the restaurant industry
  • What is the role of the Wisconsin Restaurant Association
  • How is the restaurant industry changing
  • Advice to new restaurant owners

Guest: Joanne Palzkill, WRA Board Chair 2020
Beer Enjoyed: Peroni Nastro

Episode Twenty Eight

  • Starting Classes in the Fall
  • The Future of Higher Education
  • The Impact of Cancelling Sports

Guest: Chancellor James Schmidt, UW Eau Claire
Beer Enjoyed: Gunpowder IPA, The Brewing Projekt

Episode Twenty Seven

  • PPP Loan Program Update
  • Transition from Large City Living to Rural Living
  • Relevance of Community Banks to Millennials

Guest: Krista Mayer, NB Business Loan Officer
Beer Enjoyed: Hazy Ripple IPA, Dogfish Head Brewery

Episode Twenty Six

  • Role of CVTC in the community
  • The value of a technical school education
  • How CVTC will conduct classes this Fall

Guest: Angela Eckman, CVTC
Beer Enjoyed: Utepils Brewing Skölsch, Kösch Style Lager

Episode Twenty Five

  • History of Leinenkugel’s
  • The connection between Leinie’s and Northern Wisconsin
  • Jake’s time with the VA in Washington D.C.

Guest: Jake Leinenkugel
Beer Enjoyed: Leinie’s Light and Leinie’s Honey Weiss

Episode Twenty Four

  • Personal Finance Classes through Dave Ramsey
  • How a Spender and Saver can get on the same page
  • The importance of a financial plan
  • How to sign up for the Dave Ramsey course

Guests: Chris and Annalie Thies
Beer Enjoyed: Leinenkugel’s Honey Weiss and Berry Weiss (aka Honey Bear)

Episode Twenty Three

  • Museum Reopening on July 1
  • Safety Precautions to be in place
  • New facility and future plans

Guest: Michael McHorney, Director of Eau Claire Children’s Museum
Beer Enjoyed: Potosi Golden Ale

Episode Twenty Two

  • Why Community Banks?
  • How does technology affect banking?
  • What is the WBA?

Guest: Paul Kohler, Charter Bank
Beer Enjoyed: Belhaven Scottish Ale

Episode Twenty One

  • How does each level of government work?
  • The role of the Chamber of Commerce with governmental advocacy.
  • How to make a difference in politics

Guest: Scott Rogers, Governmental Affairs and Workforce Director
Beer Enjoyed: Lazy Monk Brewery - Maibock

Episode Twenty

  • Leading a business in challenging times
  • The value of a business plan
  • The importance of people

Guest: Steve Olson, volunteer consultant for SCORE
Beer Enjoyed: Hacker Pschorr Weisse

Episode Nineteen

  • Reopening the Economy
  • Business Owner Challenges
  • How will the COVID-19 Crisis Change Banking?

Beer Enjoyed: Beer Chimney & Gold

Episode Eighteen

  • PPP Loans
  • Planning Your Business for Re-Opening
  • NB Client Relationships

Guest: Jamie Leibrandt, SVP – Senior Lending Officer
Beer Enjoyed:
Erdinger Weissbier
Beer Enjoyed: Leinenkugel Honey Weiss

Episode Seventeen

  • Transitioning from Crisis Free-Fall to Recovery
  • Planning to Reopen the Economy
  • Preparing for the Post Covid-19 World

Guest: Tracey Smiskey, NB Market President – Eau Claire Area
Beer Enjoyed:
The Curve, Lucette Brewing
Beer Enjoyed: Bohemian Dark Lager, Lazy Monk

Episode Sixteen

  • Current State of the Chippewa Valley Economy
  • Operating a Business in Very Uncertain Times

Beer Enjoyed: Utica Club - Scott Montesano
Beer Enjoyed: Lazy Monk (Bohemian Dark Lager) - Jerry Kuehl

Episode Fifteen

  • Local Options for Economic Support of Businesses in Trying Times
  • Federal Government Response – SBA
  • State Response through WEDA
  • City of Eau Claire Revolving Loan Fund
  • Banking Options

Guest:  Aaron White, Economic Development Manager, City of Eau Claire
Beer Enjoyed: Baltic Porter, Lazy Monk Brewing

Episode Fourteen

  • Evolution of the Internet
  • Evolution of the Computer
  • Starting a Business
  • Advice for starting a Business
  • Business Climate
  • Social Media Perspectives

Guest:  Gerald Bauer, Owner / President JB Systems, LLC
Beer Enjoyed: Oscar’s Oatmeal Stout, Sand Creek Brewing

Episode Thirteen

  • What role does the WCWRP play in starting new businesses?
  • Who are the best potential business owners?
  • How do you say ‘yes’ to a loan request?

Guest:  Tobi LeMahieu, Fund Manager, West Central WI Regional Planning
Beer Enjoyed: Farmers Daughter, Lucette Brewing Co., Menomonie, WI

Episode Twelve

  • Growth of Chippewa Jobs
  • Chippewa Land Issues
  • Hidden Chippewa Falls
  • Brand’s Vision of the future of Chippewa Falls

Guest:  Brad Hentschel, Chippewa Falls City Planner
Beer Enjoyed:  Paulander Salvator Doppel Bock

Episode Eleven

  • Home Lending Qualifications
  • Special Loan Situations
  • What to Prepare for
  • How and When to Apply

Guest:  Jane Johnson, NB Residential Lending Specialist
Beer Enjoyed:  Rumble Bridge, Brewster Brothers – Chippewa Falls

Episode Ten

  • Growth in Altoona
  • Commercial vs Residential Tax Base
  • Affordable Housing
  • Summer Events at River Prairie

Guest:  Mayor Brendan Pratt, City of Altoona
Beer Enjoyed:  Moniker from Modicum Brewery

Episode Nine

  • Dale’s Upcoming Retirement
  • Collaboration in the City of Eau Claire
  • Thoughts About the Future of Eau Claire

Guest:  Dale Peters, City Manager of Eau Claire
Beer Enjoyed:  Cascade Pale Ale, K Point Brewery

Episode Eight

  • Senn Blacktop Overview, 2020 Business Forecast
  • What does a Community Board do?
  • Darrin and his Musical Career

Guest:  Darrin Senn
Beer Enjoyed:  Dragon’s Milk, New Holland Brewing Company

Episode Seven

  • What’s New at Northwestern bank in 2020
  • How community banks impact their local communities
  • Growth in the Chippewa Valley

Guest:  Jerry Jacobson, President – Northwestern Bank
Beer Enjoyed:  Leinenkugel’s Original

Episode Six

  • Economic Impact of the Arts
  • The Value of ‘Live’ Performances
  • Event Center vs Performance Center

Guest:  Jason John Anderson, Pablo Center
Beer Enjoyed:  Barley Wine, Lazy Monk Brewing

Episode Five

    • Thoughts on Saving Money
    • Outlook for 2020

Guest:  Dr. Duane Oyen
Beer Enjoyed:  Leinenkugel's Honey Weiss

Episode Four

  • Introducing Northwestern Bank's New Market President
  • How to Teach Your Children About and How to Use Money

Tracey Smiskey, NB Market President - Eau Claire Area
Beer Enjoyed:  Ommegang, Three Philosophers Brewery

Episode Three

  • Saving for College
  • Spending for the Holidays
  • End of Year Financial Planning

Beer Enjoyed
:  Dubl Stuft Imperial Stout, The Brewign Projekt

Episode Two

  • Affordable Housing
  • Investing for Retirement
  • The Crisis in Financial Literacy

Beer Enjoyed:
  Westmalle Trappist Tripel

Episode One

  • Why Local Banks are Important

Beer Enjoyed:
  Hacker Pschorr Oktoberfest