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NB Podcast Banker With A Beer

  • The ideaWhy a Podcast on Banking?

    The greatest privilege of being a business banker is the opportunity to meet with business owners and community leaders. These owners and leaders have shared their triumphs and their struggles; Jerry is always enlightened by their view of the world. That’s why he started this podcast. Jerry felt there was an audience for the conversations he has with clients and Chippewa Valley leaders every day.

  • The beverageWhy Choose

    To Jerry, beer signals relaxation. Some of his best conversations have been over beverages. The pace slows, the conversation opens, and we listen more. He also really enjoy a good beer!

  • The PodcastWhere to

    You can listen on the bank’s website or through the podcast app of either Apple or Spotify.  Just type in “Banker with a Beer” and the show logo will pop up.  Download any show you like. If you ‘subscribe’ to the podcast, then you will be notified when new shows are posted.  

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