Positive Pay

Payment Protection Positive Pay

Positive Pay is a fraud detection tool that uses a combination of direct personal contact and banking software to help businesses avoid check fraud.

  • Get notified of potential check fraud as soon as it happens
  • Proactively manage check fraud risk
  • Built in ACH feature that allows you to control automatic payments
  • Reduce fraud losses and avoid the fraud recovery process
  • Reinforce your check-writing controls and policies 

Detects potential unauthorized payments by comparing the checks you have issued against the checks that have been presented for payment.

Issues e-mail alerts allowing you to approve or decline payments on any suspicious payments.

Allows you to manage payments quickly and easily through Business Online Banking.

For more information, contact Jennifer Moen, Cash Management Specialist, at 715.723.4461.

Jennifer Moen

Cash Management Specialist


Jen specializes in Business Banking and Cash Management Services for businesses in the Chippewa Valley area. Jen's grasp of banking and financial solutions, along with her hands-on approach, make her a valued and trusted banker to the businesses she serves.