Our Nawakwa




On May 8th, 2024, Northwestern Bank’s Jerry Jacobson and the Board of Directors were pleased to announce the bank’s donation of $50,000 to Our Nawakwa. This gift will help the non-profit get closer to reaching their fundraising goals. The group currently has a matching gift opportunity for those looking to give and have their gifts matched. 

“The camp offers a great opportunity for more kids to get outside and connect with other youth - By spending time outside, kids are able to learn a variety of new skills, interact with each other off of their screens, and create lifelong memories. We are proud to be a part of that,” shared Jerry Jacobson, president and CEO of Northwestern Bank. 

Camp Nawakwa has a vision to strengthen the community by helping youth in developing leadership skills, providing environmental education, and promoting health and wellness. The camp is a historic 75-acre land that includes a lake, wilderness, a dining hall, sleeping units, and a lodge with a rich history from the original Boy Scout camp. Since 1951, the land has been utilized by the Girl Scouts. Former staff, campers and community members decided to start a non-profit and run it on their own after it was put up for sale. Now Camp Nawakwa offers day and overnight camp opportunities for all youth groups, clubs, and teams with the same mission of keeping kids connected to nature.

“Camp Nawakwa is a special place that brings kids together and allows them to find activities and hobbies in nature they can pursue through life. The mission has always been to give kids an enriching and interactive experience and now we can open those opportunities up to all youth groups and clubs,” shared Sherry Jasper, Our Nawakwa Inc. Board Member.

Northwestern Bank has a mission to build stronger communities where people matter. A core value of our bank and team members is to create a positive impact. By supporting Our Nawakwa, we are able to help provide life changing experiences and opportunities to youth within the Greater Chippewa Valley.


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