Power of Perception Career Panelist Event


On May 15th, 2024, Northwestern Bank sponsored Power of Perception’s Career Panelists and Exploration Event and presented the group with a donation of $5,000 for their 2024 Summer Programming. Last year, Northwestern Bank also donated $5,000 to P.O.P.’s 2023 South Africa Trip.

Power of Perception is a mentoring program led by Dennis Beale, focused on creating opportunities for minorities. The group has a mission to create and connect young people with valuable resources to set them up for the future.

 “I really enjoy coming to P.O.P., I have made friends and been able to learn a lot from Dennis and the mentors”, shared one of the students while speaking to an NB employee.

 The Career Panelists and Exploration Event started with Dr. Wallace sharing her story of going from a D1 athlete to becoming a dentist in the local area. The audience consisting of over 26 students seemed inspired after listening to Dr. Wallace’s career journey. The youth in attendance then enjoyed a luncheon where they were able to converse with mentors and individuals from Northwestern Bank about career choices. After which, the three guest panelists Staff Sergeant Kassi Dougan, Berlye Middleton, and Kellington “Kell” Boddie shared their insights into the following questions: 

  • When you were an elementary student what did you want to be? As a middle schooler? High schooler?
  • How did you find your career?
  • How has your career path influenced your life choices? Or conversely how have your life choices impacted your career path?
  • Throughout your career path what aspects of it have brought you the most joy?
  • What was the biggest obstacle you faced to enter your career path?
  • Did you have a mentor or someone that believed in you to help guide you on your career path?
  • If you could go back and give your younger self advice, what would it be?

All the panelists shared inspiring stories from their pasts and gave the students the opportunity to ask the questions that mattered most to them. 

“We are fortunate to assist P.O.P in their programming to continue to positively impact the lives of youth. This event was a wonderful opportunity for the students, to celebrate their success over the school year and hear from such an inspirational panel of speakers,” shared Tracey Smiskey, NB Market President.

Northwestern Bank has a mission to build stronger communities where people matter. A core value of our bank and team members is to create a positive impact. We are honored to be able to support P.O.P in their mission to connect teens with valuable resources.


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